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Why me as a coach?

PBecauce I have always seeked for the meaning in everything and I have always tried to overcome my limits – What can I do better or different in order to achieve my objectives? How can I add value to the whole process? How can I help and support the team, in order for it to perform at its highest standards?

I am a practical, analytical and resource-efficient person, who makes decisions based on economic reasons, while generating performance.

All these, together with communication, positive motivation and orientation towards achieving the results, have completed my wish of helping the others, and also the trust I can do this on a long-term.

After my professional and personal successes, I decided to make a change in my life, by choosing to become a coach. My desire is to help people achieve their objectives, I wish that we would think more and more positive, and that we will be more calm and healthy parents, who can raise children to be creative, positive and prepared for life.

What do you want to achieve/ What are your objectives?

These are the first questions I will ask you, that will help you set a direction towards the result wanted.

What I offer is a systemic coaching method, which will allow you, by the end of the period I accompany you, to be your best present version.

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Book a session now!

You choose your coaching sessions:

· The sessions are weekly, over a period of 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on your program

· You can choose to have the sessions at your office, out for a coffee, anywhere you feel comfortable

· You can choose to have the sessions by telephone or Skype

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