What is coaching?

There are many definitions of coaching. The term appeared in sport in the 70s. It was found that athletes perform better when they are confronted with open questions about how they can improve their performance. Instead of focusing on what they did wrong, it has been proven that it's more important to focus on what they can do better in the next competition.

A coach helps the client give up what he is now, to become what he wants to become.

It is a process of awareness, in which the client is moving towards the solutions for the future. Coaching means transformation, it is a learning process through redefining yourself, and a journey to your inner self.

Coaching is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis or other psychological or personal development therapies. Coaching does not "fix" problems, but supports the achievement of future goals, of aspirations, dreams, desires. Coaching uses skills, talents and existing knowledge, to reach the desired goals.

Business Coaching

Professional Performance

Business Coaching is addressed to professional, individual performance growth. Business coaching services can also improve communication or managerial skills, supporting and developing your personal brand, enhancing the coordination of a new team, and many more, depending on the objectives pursued.

The Business Coach is like a sports coach. He "pushes" and motivates the individual or the team, given support when needed, guides, encourages and empowers.

The areas where performance can be achieved using Business Coaching are numerous - Sales, Marketing, Management, IT, Team Training, Human Resources, etc.

The services offered in Business Coaching are adressed to entrepreneurs, business managers, team managers, employees in various positions, teams of professionals from various fields, etc. The results can mean even doubling your professional performance.

Coaching for Teams

Coaching for teams addresses to a group of employees in a company, be it a department or inter-departmental team. Coaching for teams provides the opportunity to develop new skills, creating opportunities using a process based on results, starting from the relations between members, the shared experience and interpersonal relationships. Coaching for teams enables companies to achieve the desired results by improving communication, cohesion, coordination and generate creative solutions for professional teams.

Life Coaching

A Meaningful Life

Life Coaching addresses the personal life, where people wish to develop better relationships, communicate more effectively, establish harmonious purposes whose achievement generates satisfaction, balance, self-knowledge, self-control, physical and mental health, etc.

Life Coaching stands on the basic principle belief that everyone already has all the resources necessary to achieve the beneficial objectives he sets.

Coaching for Parents and Children

Individual or team coaching for parents and children may be a solution to problems that arise in family relationships. This type of coaching targets parents who want to bring harmony into their family life and professional life, those who want to have a better understanding of their children's development or better control over the decisions of a parent. Coaching does not  offer advice, but helps you discover yourself in your essence, so as to reach the harmony, understanding, better communication and accountability to everyday problems.


  • Testimonial - Economist

    Raluca is a person whom you can share any issue or secret with, whom you can fully trust, without any shadow of a doubt.

    Meeting with Raluca as coach, made me reflect on some aspects of my life that I did not think before.

    In the most difficult times, professionally speaking, I thought of Raluca, being sure she can guide me, help me, finding the right words to go on the right way, so that I don’t lose the confidence in myself, and think of what's best for me. When talking to Raluca, I often feel like she’s giving me answers to questions yet unexpressed.

    L. P.,


  • Testimonial - Trainer

    During coaching sessions with Raluca, you open up and easily work at profound levels, that you do not anticipate at the beginning of the session. You feel like you have the space you need for reflection and inspiration, in order to find resources within yourself, discreetly accompanied by her gentle, crystalline and tonic voice.

    I recommend with all my confidence the coaching sessions with Raluca, for all those who really want to work on themselves and go through their own journey of growth.

    Alina Hurubean,

    Coach, Trainer si Speaker

  • Testimonial - Sr Records Management

    Before I met Raluca, I kep hearing about coaching; I was curious and interested but I was still not determined to resort to such services.

    I met Raluca at the right time, in a difficult period of my life, when I had to take important decisions. I felt comfortable during coaching sessions, and when I did not expect it, the magic saving idea appeared, that was taking me in an unexpected direction. Raluca is a very warm and positive person, with a lot of practical sense. In difficult times, she was always available by phone or through messages.

    I recommend her to all who do not know which way to start, but also to those who want to improve their personal or professional life.

    B. I.,

    Sr Records Management

  • Testimonial - HR Manager

    I worked very much with Raluca throughout the course, and I was thrilled to discover in her approaches whose presence in a Coach helps you make the decision to choose her as your companion in achieving your objectives (permanent adjustment to the pace of the client, getting the customer out of his comfort zone, in order to get the change he wants, the ability to adapt her own reactions, emotions, behavior in a given situation, etc).

    As a result, after the course, I continued to work with Raluca, to achieve different objectives.

    I would recommend Raluca to those people who want to feel comfortable and confident in themselves, while facing challenging situations that they have not yet found the answer to!

    Camelia Neacsu,

    Human Resources Manager

  • Testimonial - Mason Fellow

    Raluca is more than a coach. She is a coach, a business consultant and a mentor. She has the great intuitive ability of listening carefully and going straight to the essence of the problem in seconds. She reads people very well and with the help of her intuition, she can quickly identify what is needed to go further. She adapts  her suggestions to the personal style of each of the clients/partners of discussion. I'm sure that whatever your industry is - as an entrepreneur or employee, having Raluca as your coach will help you in accomplishing much more than you think you can. Raluca will truly help you discover your true potential and direct it towards bold projects. I recommend Coach Raluca Pană with all my heart.

    Ramona Chirila Lohan,

    Mason Fellow

  • Testimonial - Regional Sales Manager

    Each of us needs a dialogue with himself, to clarify what we really want, who we are and how we can overcome our limits.

    Raluca helped me to find the right answers to increase my confidence and strength needed to acknowledge and move beyond my fears and barriers.

    To me it was and still is a totally new experience, based on trust and sincerity, and are aware that today, with Raluca’s help, I am a more complex man, more motivated and focused on things that are really useful to me.

    Thank you for all your engagement, for the sincerity with which you chose to share your knowledge with me, and for who you are!

    Alin Vidan

    Regional Sales Manager

  • Testimonial - Sales Representative

    My meetings with Raluca never end when we propose, ideas come to me in an avalanche, time passes fabulously fast, and I leave a new person, more motivated, optimistic and I also find out that all the ideas were in me already. All the solutions I find, I already knew, but I could not express them. Raluca helps me point out, set deadlines, and I see that if I put them on paper, I see them differently and they all seem to organize themselves.

    I admit I transpose what we discuss in my personal life also, in my family, and I have a great satisfaction when people notice the change in me.

    Thank you, Raluca Pană, for understanding me, because I found myself, although I did not lack the confidence, and for opening the horizons and offering me a different optics on things.

    When I leave the meetings with Raluca, even the weather outside seems not so bad, and it seems that not even traffic bothers me anymore!

    Gina Leonte,

    Sales Representative

  • Testimonial - Executive Director

    What will a person with management experience think of, when he is suggested that he needs a coach:

    What is a coach? How can he help me? What does he have in addition to me? What coach do I choose? These were the first questions that crossed my mind. I started looking opinions on the internet - just like in everyday life, much confusion. Hardly I decided to start the coaching sessions.

    Once the decision taken, I passed to the most difficult question: Whom do I choose?

    The decision was simple after the first meeting with Raluca, because of the way she is: an open person, with a cheerful bright face, a person who makes you talk easily from the first meeting. Ultimately, the most important quality of a coach is to make you talk, talking helps identifying problems, conflicts and finding solutions.

    Raluca is like a radar, a radar that helps you find your way in the fog, like a lantern that illuminates your path. I said radar or lantern as you are the one who holds the helm. She never makes a decision for you or in your place. The questions she asks make you find your own way.

    The term coach fits perfectly for Raluca, a coach does not compete instead of his trainees, he does not have them make any transplants to help them run more, a coach will find the necessary motivation to make them achieve a goal.

    When I decided that I need a coach was an important moment, when I chose Raluca it was a moment of inspiration. Raluca has everything a coach needs, it's easy to look at her resume and feel intimidated - senior management positions, MBA and more, but her most important quality is his patience and common sense. Raluca is also a mother. The patience she has as a mother, for her children, is felt during the coaching sessions. It's hard to sit to hear a man’s aberrations, but Raluca identifies the problem you have and helps you find a solution.

    It's simple: Raluca takes a good man, with qualities that he maybe forgot he has, and turns him into an extraordinary man, a man who realizes what qualities he has. She helps you trust yourself, she motivates you.

    I gained a friend, whom I hope to be smart enough to keep for a lifetime.

    Sergiu Hossu,

    Executive Director